Energy Healing


Are you finding it difficult to feel joy and ease in your life?

Do you experience the same challenges time and time again? 

Do you want to feel better in your mind, body and soul?


These places of challenge are an invitation to heal; an opening to clear the debris of unwanted patterns and challenges that do not serve the truth of who you are.


Healing can begin with energy work or intuitively guided art.


Are you ready to move forward in your life in a more empowered and joyful way?  Do you feel like no matter what you do you still feel stuck in some important way?


Are you interested in having intuitively created art that holds healing and energetic information just for you or a loved one?

Intuitive art

I now carry my intuitively created art creations and oracle cards in my own online shop! Click on the button below to see what is currently available. My Coming Home to Your Heart Oracle Deck is now available.



I cannot recommend Tera’s shamanic energy work and soul retrieval process enough.  I truly had no idea what to expect from Tera’s process, but I was amazed that she was able to gently connect with the true source of my creative block as an artist, teacher and being in the world.  I honestly do not know how she was able to unveil such a rich and meaningful symbolic harmony of symptoms, energies and antidotes, but she wove a perfect explanation of my feelings and suggested concrete ways to unblock, protect and nurture my creativity that resonated exactly with my soul’s needs. I feel like she was speaking to me in a language that I could hear with crystal clarity, and I felt a healing warmth throughout our session. I even felt a cooler vibration when old wounds released.  Most importantly, Tera helped me to pinpoint exactly what I need to do in order to nurture, grow and share my gifts with the world! And it was an added bonus to learn of a past life contributing to my present blocks as well as to receive specific concrete gifts of healing from Tera’s soul retrieval session. I can’t wait to go forward putting what I’ve learned into practice. Thank you, Tera, for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world! 

cathy nichols, artist & teacher


Meet Tera

My philosophy is to meet the client where they are; to guide them into a place of greater joy, ease and expansion by connecting with them on a core level, shining a light on their trauma and hurt so they can identify it and release it.

I am a seeker, an artist, a mama, a wife, a perpetual learner, a healer, a teacher. I entered this lifetime with a divine purpose that I am determined to fulfill. My life’s journey has been about discovering this purpose and living it. My seeking and learning has taken many forms; prayer, parenting, partnering, meditation, yoga, energy work, time in and around water and nature, painting, reading, education, LIFE! 


I worked on college campuses in Student Affairs for over 15 years, even earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education Student Affairs Leadership. I loved where I was, but my heart kept yearning for more.


In my private life I voraciously read all things spiritual and took classes on Reiki, clairvoyance, meditation, energy healing, and more.  I incorporated as much "spiritual" as I could into the college environment, but my spirit was not satisfied.  At the age of 40, in tandem with my spiritual forays, I took my first online art class. I was in love. Paint and color, lost in the energetic world of creating art from the intuitive realm. My two loves kept growing in intensity. Over the next couple of years I took a couple more online art classes as well as energy healing classes. Over time I became a Reiki master, Advanced Clairvoyant student, Past Life Regression Practitioner, and a student of the Shamanic Path.


My greatest wish is to be of service to the world. Through my art and energy work I want to be a catalyst for people to heal and experience the joy, truth, and bliss of who they are.  I am passionate about what I do. After a lifetime (or rather lifetimes!) of searching, I have found my heart path. 

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