Poppy Field


A Six Week Exploration for Moms into the Heart of Purpose


Nectar is an invitation.

An invitation to explore the inner sanctuary of YOU in a safe and supportive community of other moms traversing similar terrain. 

You are invited to go deeper and wider into the heart of your being, to explore the uncharted territory of what it is that makes you feel alive, joyful, and expansive. Connecting to the nectar that makes you YOU is how you live a life that feels more aligned and true.


In all the ways you're pulled in life, being mom can feel like the biggest part of you. Yes, you are a mom, but how do you balance this divine purpose with the calling of your soul? How do you be "mom" while also tending to the nectar that feeds you?

It's so easy to feel lost within all the roles you play or the masks you wear. You are a mother, daughter, sister, and friend, just to name a few.  These roles inform you, but they are not YOU. They may be stories you have always held about who you are or where you came from, stories that may or may not reflect the true nature of your being. These stories may have told you what it "should" be like to be a mother who stays home or to have a career or what is most valuable about being a woman. These stories may have shaped how you view yourself but have kept you from the nectar that your soul longs for.


In Nectar, you will explore these stories to discover what is real. Let go of what doesn't fit and embrace what feeds your soul.  And let's talk about how to balance the priorities of your life AND honor the nectar of your spirit that is yearning for expression in the world. 


Because when you connect to what feeds your soul, your divine purpose does align with motherhood. There's room for both, in fact it's both that are meant to work in tandem with each other, each feeding the other. Nectar can be found in mothering and nurturing our dreams. It is mothering that has taught you how you will care for and nurture the life of something beyond you.  

God be with the mother.

As she carried her child may she carry her soul.

As her child was born, may she give birth and life and form to her own, higher truth.

As she nourished and protected her child,

may she nourish and protect her inner life and her independence.

For her soul shall be her most painful birth, her most difficult child,

and the dearest sister to her other children.


Michael Leunig, A Common Prayer: A Cartoonist Talks to God

Are you ready to receive?

Mothering is often about constant doing, care-taking and giving. Amidst the busyness of every day life it can be easy to lose track of yourself, your desires, interests and needs. A bee busily attends to her hive, but she also takes time for rest and creating honey that will feed her and in turn, those in her life. In these tumultuous times, it can feel even more difficult to tune into your own desires and needs, your purpose and passions.


And so, each week we will be exploring the many facets of purpose. What nectar do you hold inside of you that is ready to be turned into honey?   

Through creative art projects, guided meditations/visualizations, energy healing, spiritual exercises and meaningful conversation with other like-minded mamas, you will tap into more of you. This hive will be tended to together, holding space and grace for each other as we heal and grow and expand. 


By following the guidance of your spirit and the wisdom of your heart, you will come to know and trust yourself more completely. You will strengthen your ability to connect with your own nectar to receive the messages, the love, and the clarity to move forward in your life with more ease and grace. You will learn to better balance the needs of your own spirit with the demands of motherhood.  

Nectar is a space created just for you. A place to replenish your spirit and tune more intentionally into the guidance of your heart. I invite you to join me.


Over our 6 weeks together we will be exploring the overarching theme of PURPOSE.

Each week there will be a creative art project or activity that will serve as an anchor for the energy of the week.

Week 1:Who Am I?

*exploring what lives at the heart of who you are*

*how do you see yourself and is that vision clear?*

*looking at the stories/experiences that may have distorted how you see yourself*

Week 2:The Voice Within

*identifying the voice of your inner wisdom*

*honoring your own guidance system above the voice of others*

*notice how honoring your voice begins to alter your life*

Week 3:How Does My Body and Being Wish to Heal?

*exploring the wisdom that lives in your body that is trying to communicate with you*

*feelings as guideposts for healing and purpose*

*understanding the body as a teacher*

Week 4:Why Am I Here?

*exploring the importance of this question*

*honoring all the ways in which you are currently showing up for your life*

*learning how to go deeper into the why of your life*

Week 5:How Do I Follow the Whispers of My Soul?

*beginning to recognize how you are always being guided*

*noticing the signs, symbols and synchronicities of your life* 

*learning to trust, allow and follow your guidance*

Week 6: What is My Purpose?

 *exploring the things that bring you joy no matter what*

*learning to balance the needs of motherhood with the needs of your soul*

*learning to listen to the guidance of your soul every day to stay aligned with purpose*

Welcome to Nectar.

Space has been created for 5 amazing mamas to join.

Come as you are.


Nectar will feel right for you if:


You feel ready to show up as all of you. No more pretending, hiding, avoiding.


You are ready to be held, seen and heard in a small community created just for moms.


You are willing to go within and look at aspects of yourself that require healing.

You are ready and willing to change.

You want to explore aspects of yourself through creative art exploration.

You are ready to better understand your purpose and why you are here at this critical point in history.

The Commitment

$99/six weeks 

(this is a reduced rate for Nectar's maiden flight!)

Weekly participation on a 1.5 hour Zoom call

Participation in a group forum

Commitment to a daily spiritual practice

Participation in a weekly creative project

An honoring of this community as sacred

A readiness to create change in your life

When Will We Begin?

The first session of Nectar is full.

If you would be interested in joining a future session, please contact Tera below. She will notify you as soon as that information is available.


Hi, I'm Tera. 

(and in the pic are the ones I am a mother to...Gabriel, Jackson and Ela)


I am a mama, an artist, an energy healer, an explorer. A lover of Mother Earth, deep conversation, meditation and friendship.  I have never been able to stay on the surface of life. I am always looking to dive deeper, know more, embody more. 


My deep desire is to help other women come to know themselves as deeply powerful and sovereign beings. To be able to listen within for the whispers that want to have a voice. To follow the joy, the purpose, the passion that is yearning for expression in the world. For as we each show up as our full and glorious selves, we give those around us the permission to do the same. And as we all live from a greater place of inner peace and alignment, that peace begins to spread throughout the globe, creating an energetic network of strength and possibility and freedom.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often will we connect?

1.5 hours every week via Zoom

Do I need to be present on every call?

Yes. This is an intentional community that requires the presence and participation of each member.

Are there things I should be doing in between the weekly calls?

There will be a weekly activity or art project that you will be asked to work on or explore further. 
You are being asked to have a daily spiritual practice. We will talk more about this on our first call.
Participation in our group forum.

Why is Nectar limited to only 5 women?

I was very specifically guided around the number of women to include. The group mirrors and will be held within the energy of a hexagon, with six sides (myself included). This number is sacred and will allow each woman to have space to share and be held in the group.  

Do you offer a payment plan or do I need to pay all at once?

If you need to set up a payment plan, please contact me directly. I am happy to work with you.