The oracle card for this week is AIR.

Listen--are you breathing just a little and calling it a life? --Mary Oliver

Energy of Image

This man’s breath is as graceful and easy as that of a songbird. He walks into the chill of the night air and breathes in breath after breath of gratitude, calm, and fulfillment. He remembers more of who he is with each breath. He remembers his connection to every living thing; the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky, the sun, the moon, the cosmos. The air is connected to all and all is connected to him. He heals his body, his mind, his spirit with the power of air.

Card Message

For much of my life I was a breath holder. When I would get anxious or scared or worried, I would unconsciously hold my breath. After years of going to yoga and focusing more on bringing this precious resource more intentionally into my body, I learned to breathe better, more calmly, more intentionally. Lately though, I’ve found myself holding my breath more and more, tightening up in all the places in my body where breath is needed most. As I was determining the card for this week, I looked up where my cards are displayed and this one popped right out at me. It basically hit me over the head with the awareness that I haven’t been breathing and as a result, the tension in my heart and body has increased. While writing this I have started to intentionally bring air into my body again and miraculously, the tension that has been held in my chest all day is dissipating. How crazy is it that this one simple thing can begin to change everything?

Have you been holding your breath lately? Do you intentionally bring the sweet blessings of air into your body or does it happen unconsciously? This is an invitation this week for you to consciously BREATHE. I’ll be doing it right alongside you.


I breathe in the breath of life with ease and calm. As I breathe in, my whole body responds by relaxing and expanding. As I exhale, I release all tension, worry or anxiety that I have been carrying. I am at ease.

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