The oracle card for this week is FLOW.

Energy of Image

Jellyfish pulses along with the currents of the ocean. He senses and feels the environment around him and is sensitive to the rhythm of the ocean’s energy. Jellyfish is not in a hurry, but trusts in his ability to gather what he needs to sustain himself and thrive along life’s journey.

Card Message

You are being asked to let go and surrender to the flow of the universe. There is a natural rhythm to life and you are being encouraged not to rush things. You are being pulled back into a state of balance, noticing where it is you have been off course or off center, pushing against the current if you will. What brings you back to your center? To a state of equilibrium and balance? Is it mindful breathing? Exercise? Yoga? Meditation? We achieve flow when we are in a harmonious and balanced state, trusting in the guidance of the universe, listening to her whispers and taking one intentional step after the next. We sense and feel the energy and emotions of others, but we stay true to our own course.

Spiritual Practice

It’s time to find a daily practice and stick with it! What spiritual exercise brings you the greatest sense of peace, groundedness and balance? What time of day can you commit to this practice? You can sit still and breathe intentionally for 5 minutes. Take a 10 minute walk out in nature where you speak out loud 5 things you are grateful for. Write in a journal for 5 minutes. Meditate. Commit to whatever you decide for 30 days. See what happens.


I am open to the wisdom of the universe. I trust in the divine flow of life and surrender my agenda to Spirit. I let go and let Goddess.

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