The oracle card for this week is ANGEL.

Angel holds a vision for peace, love and compassion for the world. She prays for the healing and upliftment of all beings everywhere. She sees the good in everyone and knows that each soul has a unique path to traverse.

Angel reminds you to stay connected to your inner divinity. She asks that you step back from fear and the minutia of day to day life and connect to a higher vision for yourself, humanity and the world. To stay steeped in fear means you are creating more fear. To align and feel love means you are creating more love. Today, align with the love and wisdom of angel.

Spiritual Practice

Place your hands at your heart. Invite an angel of the light to join you. Breathe in slowly and feel the energy of this divine being present with you. If you wish, ask which angel it is that has joined you. Trust whatever name comes to you. There are no wrong answers. Ask if there is a specific message that this angel has for you. This may be communicated as a thought, a feeling or a knowing. Again, trust what you receive. When you feel complete, thank the angel for joining you. Know that you can call on this angel anytime you wish to receive their support or assistance.


I am open to the wisdom and love of the angels. I receive their messages with clarity and grace.

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