The oracle card for this week is DARKNESS.

Energy of Image

Fish swims deeper into the darkness of the water. There is a pull to explore the watery unknown realms of the deep where it can be difficult to see or experience things clearly, but where the opportunity for dramatic growth and unfolding await. This dive into the shadows can feel overwhelming and all encompassing; a foray into that which may feel frightening or unbearable. But what awaits on the surface

is seeing life in a new light, a broadened sense of self and strength, a knowing that in the end, light always wins.

Card Message

We are all called at various points in our life into the depths of darkness. What this looks like is different for everyone and can change shape with each new journey into the shadow. It is rarely comfortable in this dark place. We are called to push through the barriers keeping us from embracing the fullness of our light and being, to stretch ourselves further than we thought was possible. In this, we are reminded that we are stronger than our greatest imaginings and capable of almost anything. And all the while, there is a light on the surface, a beacon guiding us back to ourselves and reminding us that we are never ever alone.

Spiritual Practice

When in the midst of the most challenging times in life the greatest practice for me has been sitting still, breathing and praying for strength and guidance. This may sound basic, but the simple act of taking time to sit down, get still, breathe and ask for help can be the greatest gift during a time of great upheaval. Just allow yourself to breathe and feel. Let the tears come if they need to and resist any urge to judge the feelings. It’s just energy wanting to move. The darkness will pass, but we must give ourselves permission to be in it first. The only way out is through.

When Shadow Comes Knocking

During my last rendezvous with the darkness I felt more scared than I have in an incredibly long time, if ever. My thoughts were jumbled, clouded and confused. I did not know what action steps to take or who to turn to so I prayed. I kept asking for guidance, breathing and trying to listen to any responses that came. I knew I could make my way to the other side, but I knew I needed help to do it. I was guided to the right people, but not at first. I had to align my inner being with my own truth and what felt right to me before I received the guidance and direction I needed. I stayed present with my fear, I allowed myself to feel it but not be overtaken by it. I let the tears flow when they needed to. I gave myself a lot of self care and permission to be in challenge. I had to let things go. I had to deal with what was right in front of me before I could move through it to the other side.


I am guided by the light even in the midst of darkness. I am held, I am loved and I am protected. I know that on the other side of this challenge is a greater capacity for light and love. I am stronger than I can possibly imagine.

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