The oracle card for this week is DEATH.

Energy of Image

Physical life may have ended for this stag, but beneath where it’s skull lies, new life emerges, and beyond the veil, life transitions into a new form for this beautiful soul. All of life supports this transition from one phase of being to another. The ground beneath holds the elements to absorb this change and the birch trees hold vigil signifying a reminder of new beginnings, regeneration, hope and possibilities for what is yet to manifest. The moon sheds light in the dark of night, a reminder that even in the darkest hour, light is always present.

Card Message

Life is shifting for you in a powerful way. You are in the process of releasing something that no longer serves your highest good. This release could be in the form of a relationship, a pattern or habit, a job, a way of thinking or being or even how you show up in the world day to day. Life is pushing you to allow some part of your life or being to be shed, so that you can be born anew in a way that aligns you more powerfully with your heart, your passion, and your purpose. This may feel uncomfortable, but death is just as important as life, and one could not exist without the other. What you may fear letting go of may well be the beginning of your next greatest adventure or the grandest version of who you are.

Spiritual Practice

On a small piece of paper write down whatever it is you are ready to release. Take that piece of paper and lovingly offer it to fire or bury it in the ground. The fire energy will move the energy more quickly, while burying it will allow the process to happen more slowly. Either practice will assist you in releasing that which you no longer need or no longer serves you.

What I’m Ready to Let Die

I shuffled through my now almost complete oracle deck and took some time moving the cards around before I was ready to select one. The Death card was the one to emerge. I knew immediately it was spot on. For the last few weeks it seems that many of the patterns I thought I had released have come around to pay a final visit. I have found myself swimming in some intense emotion, battling a bit with my ego about how to go about this thing called life. I’ve found myself trying to force things to happen in my life and business as opposed to partnering with life and following the ebb, the flow and the whispers of my higher self. A great deal of fear has surfaced and I’ve given in to harsh internal criticism. I often think I know what’s best and push to make that happen. The universe shows me time and time again that this is not MY way. I am to listen, to allow, to follow the joy, the whispers, the magic. I have had it ingrained in my mind that nothing comes without hard work and determined effort. I believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle; a marriage between following joy with inspired effort and ease. The death card is letting me know that I am ready to finally release my old way of doing and to move more gracefully into a new way, an easier way. Now to allow the old to wash away, without clinging or fear about what is to come. I’m ready. I do not fear this death. I welcome it.


I release the old with ease and grace. I offer deep gratitude for all it taught me and I release it lovingly to the divine. I am open for a new beginning.

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