Divine Protection

Energy of Image

The whale swims within the divine protection of her pod and ocean home. She holds her light steady by surrounding herself with healing ocean plants and her own divine intention for protection. She knows who she is and that her light is worth protecting.

Card Message

During these times of intense change and ever increasing light, our beings can feel overwhelmed and out of balance. It is important to maintain boundaries that protect our well-being, deep inner serenity and happiness. Let’s grant ourselves permission to say no to that which does not fill our spirits with joy. Say no to that which drains our life force energy. As empathic souls, so many of us have learned to function in the world by processing the pain and discomfort of others through our own beings. The time for doing this is over.

Spiritual Practice: Energetic Protection and Boundaries

Protect yourself energetically when you go out into the world. Fill your field with a golden ball of light. Feel it initiating in your your heart center and expanding outward. Sense and feel the strength of this field. Notice if you see any rips or holes in your field and repair them with your divine intention. Intend that only high vibrational energy is permitted to enter this ball and that anything of low vibration is immediately repelled. When you are with others, notice when you leave your center to assist or heal. Your role now is to stay in your own light and high vibration.

Empath Protection

This concept of protection is a newer one to me. I have been daily grounding for years, but as I have continued along my healing path, I have found it increasingly important to be aware of the energy I am taking on from others and my environment. I used to go to crowded places and come home and feel exhausted and drained, wondering why I couldn’t maintain a high level of energy like others around me. Intuitively, I took a bath at the end of every day. This was the time to reconnect with myself, but it was really the way I was cleansing and releasing the energies of the day. While there is so much beauty and goodness in the world, there is also shadow energy; energy that does not have our highest and best intention at heart. Much of this energy is thrown out into the world unintentionally, but it wreaks havoc nonetheless. I have become more conscious of not only how I protect myself from these denser energies, but I have also become more intentional about the light and love I wish to put out into the world. I have worked on (and continue to work on!) how I speak to myself and how I think about and speak about others. I am focusing on the world I wish to be a part of and what that looks and feels like. If I’m not contributing to the solution, then I am part of the problem.


I am enclosed in an orb of brilliant gold light. I harness only positive energy and repel anything dense or dark that does not serve my highest and best good. I am safe and I am protected. The light of the divine surrounds me always.

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