Energy of Image Hummingbird flies fast and free, unencumbered by pain and density because she has done her healing work. She shows us how we too can vibrate with joy by releasing that which no longer serves us. She does not allow the density to stick. She releases whatever pain arises in the moment so she can move on to her next flower.

Card Message It seems to me that there is no direct path to healing. It is a circuitous route with twists, turns, large drop-offs and then some moments of standing serenely in the sunshine. I used to judge myself so harshly when another layer of healing would present itself. “What now?” I would think. “What’s wrong with me now? Will I ever be fully well again?” While I still hold some self-judgment, I have experienced a profound shift as I’ve reframed how I view that which presents itself to be healed. Instead of dread, I see an opportunity to feel lighter, to grow in self-love and acceptance. The pain is an invitation to become more of me; to fly free like hummingbird. Hummingbird symbolizes this so perfectly because she travels so lightly and can fly hundreds of miles effortlessly. These mighty small birds remind us what is possible for our own lives. If we can bravely step into our pain and heal it, joy and lightness of being exist on the other side, with an unlimited ability to create. Spiritual Practice Allow the light of Creator Source to flow down through the top of your head and into your body, filling your entire being and field with brilliant gold light. Notice where the light goes in your body. Is there any place where the light has difficulty entering? If yes, stop there. Allow the light to dissolve any dense or dark energy that is preventing it from being there. Speak kindly to the heaviness. Give deep gratitude to the light. Spend as long as you need to embracing the light and the darkness that is coming into your awareness because it is ready to be released. Trusting My Own Healing Path I didn’t post an oracle card last week because as I was busily preparing for an upcoming Body Mind Spirit Expo, I had some very intense energies surface that mandated my full attention. I could barely move the left side of my body due to intense pain down my neck and into my shoulder blade. I had energy surfacing related to standing fully in my power and feeling safe doing so. It was if a wing had been severed and I could not fly without it. The energy had to surface to prepare me for being at an event where I would be very visible and holding energy healing sessions with multiple individuals. I had to be able to hold my own energetically in this space and the pain in my body forced me to look at this. In my quest to understand what was happening, I learned new tools for energetic protection and made sure to fill myself with golden light prior to the event on both days. I had to protect my own energy field, stand in my own knowing and not be swayed by the energy of others around me. Affirmation I am listening with love and care to the messages my body is communicating with me. I allow healing to take place easily and effortlessly.

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