The oracle card for this week is ILLUSION.

Dragonfly rides the hedge between realities, aligning his light with the divine and moving his wings to be free of illusory pain and limitations. He summons us to ask the deeper questions of life like “What is real?” and “What is a manufactured reality?” Dragonfly invites us to go deeper into our God selves to bridge the outer world with the visions and feelings of our inner dreams.

This week you are being asked to examine your thinking mind. What thoughts are you aligning with that are not anchored in reality? Are you creating a story in your mind that just isn’t true? Dragonfly asks that you become aware of the thoughts you feed yourself. If they don’t feel like love, then they aren’t real. All of life is a reflection of our inner world. Release the illusion that you are anything less than love and support this reality with the words you think, say and act on.

Spiritual Practice

Notice when you are feeling uncomfortable in your body, mind or spirit. What thoughts are you thinking? What story are you telling yourself? How can you shift those thoughts to be more self affirming or loving? As soon as you have a negative thought, replace it with a more positive one. Better yet, write down the more positive thought. The more you can catch yourself “in the act” of thinking negatively, the more quickly you can shift this pattern. It takes time, practice, and diligence, but the more you do it, the lighter and more joyful you will feel and become.


I am committed to thinking positive thoughts. I easily recognize the false stories I tell myself and replace those stories with kind and loving reminders about who I really am.

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