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Listen to that chaos within you. It has answers to all that you ask. It is only a matter of time my dear before you know what you're made for. --Anneysha Choudhury
Listen to that chaos within you. It has answers to all that you ask. It is only a matter of time my dear before you know what you're made for. --Anneysha Choudhury

Energy of Image

She stops and finally listens. She takes deep, full breaths and pauses under the light of the radiant sun and the peaceful moon. After all the running she has been doing in her life, she know it is finally time to stop, center and plunge deep within herself.

Card message

What if you let your body speak to you and guide you back to health? Our bodies are divine messengers. Every ache, every pain, every discomfort is a message; a message about how to become more whole, more aligned, more free, more connected to our inherent joy and passion. We often ignore these messages because it feels too painful or scary to go within. What if we are called to make a change in our lives that we don’t want or like? What if this pain is a messenger about something that is too painful or scary to look at, let alone talk about or feel? Our bodies always want what is best for us and the only way they know how to get our attention when we are not listening to them is through discomfort.

What if we reframed how we look at the aches and discomforts we are feeling? What if we acknowledged them as the beautiful messengers that they are and decided to befriend our bodies rather than alienate them? What if these aches are the exact thing we need to be guided back to being fully vibrant and joyful?

The following practice has aided in me addressing numerous types of pain; physical, emotional, spiritual. It’s the process of tuning into the body and asking what message it has for you that has potent and healing powers.

Spiritual Practice

This practice is most beneficial when you are in the midst of experiencing some kind of physical or emotional pain or discomfort.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit where you can have both feet flat on the ground.

  2. Close your eyes and take in 3 to 4 full body breaths.

  3. Bring your awareness into the part of your body that is experiencing the discomfort.

  4. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where am I feeling the most discomfort in my body?

  • What color is the pain?

  • What shape is it?

  • What texture is it?

  • Is it moving or still?

  • What temperature is it?

  • What is the message this pain has for me?

Repeat the process 4 or 5 times. You may write down brief notes about the message, but try to stay centered in your body and not get caught up in your mind. Once you arrive at the primary message, you now have the tools you need to heal what is happening.

How this Simple Practice Has Aided Me in Addressing Any Kind of Pain

I am all too familiar with the message of this card. At 19 I had such extreme scoliosis that it was necessary for me to have a spinal fusion, fusing four vertebrae in my lower spine. This one experience shifted my entire perspective on how I viewed myself and my body. I no longer saw myself as fully capable physically and I held myself back unconsciously from various physical activities because of a dormant fear I had created. I had been an avid tennis player, swimmer and all around competitor. After the surgery I stopped playing tennis. I swam minimally. I would workout at a gym and over time I found yoga and developed a deep and abiding love of the practice, but the seed had been planted.

Over two decades later, in my forties, a number of physical aches and pains brought me face to face with the fears that had laid dormant in my physical body. The unconscious messages I had given myself about being less able physically had translated into how I thought about myself in my career. Not wanting to push myself outside of my comfort zone, I held back, failed to follow through on one creative idea after another because what if they weren’t “good enough”, or what if I wasn’t good enough? This unconscious pattern of not feeling good enough had been planted somewhere along my life path, likely far before my spinal surgery and even more likely, in a past incarnation. It was time to explore the roots of the physical manifestations.

I enlisted the services of numerous practitioners including; acupuncture, functional medicine, chiropractic care, energy work practitioners, nutritionists and shamanic healers. I was in a frenzy seeking answers outside of myself. While the care and value each of these practitioners provided was invaluable, the healing really started to happen when I went intentionally inside myself. Over time, through my own practices and a Shamanic Practitioner training program, I identified unconscious pattern after unconscious pattern where I was in need of deep healing and release. Lifetimes of patterns had developed that no longer served me and my highest good. I was more than ready to release them and move forward with more joy, confidence and passion on my path. The practice I provide above was and is an integral tool I utilize to get in touch with the messages of my body and spirit and access healing and relief.

Art Exercise

Some people are more visual and for them, it’s easier to connect to their bodies through art and visual communication.

  1. Get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Set an intention to gain clarity about what is happening in your body that needs your attention and healing.

  4. With your eyes closed put the pen to paper and just allow the pen to move in whatever way it wishes across the paper. DO NOT think about this. Just let the pen flow.

  5. When you feel complete, stop. I know I’m done when the pen just stops moving.

  6. Look at the image.

  7. What do you see?

  8. Allow the image to speak to you.

  9. Write down words, thoughts, ideas that come to you as you look at the image.

Place the image in a place where you will see it regularly. You may get information right away, but more likely, the picture will continue to communicate with you over time.

Insights from My Drawing

It took less than a minute to complete my drawing. When I looked at it, I could immediately see that the image had to do with the pain I had been carrying in my right hip. I let the image sit for a couple of days. When I came back to it I just started writing down words that came to me intuitively as I looked at the drawing. Here are the words that presented themselves:

  • Acting on intuition I receive instead of blocking the messages

  • When it’s intuition/spirit, the message is very direct, no waffling (may be more quiet though- not the screaming voice of the ego)

  • Open and flowing except around hip- this is unraveling though and the more fluid I become with my life the looser the grip of this hip tension


I am open and receptive to the messages my body has for me. I receive them with love and know that they are bringing me into greater alignment with my joy and purpose. Thank you for leading me to what I need to heal.

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