The oracle card for this week is NEW LIFE.

White crow understands darkness. She has flown through the depths of despair and danced with her own shadow. She’s known struggle and challenge, fear and heartache. Through experiencing the darkness, crow more fully appreciates the light. She has moved through her challenges transformed, bearing seeds for new life.

You are emerging from a period of intense challenge or growth. You have learned and grown more than you realize and you are moving into a period where the seeds it seems you long ago planted are starting to emerge. You are beginning to see signs of new life, of hope, of joy. Cradle these new life forms with love and gentleness. Do not push them to emerge before they are ready. Be kind and gentle with yourself and keep affirming that that which you wish to create in the world is now emerging.

Spiritual Practice

Practice extreme self-care. If you need rest, rest. If you require quiet, take the time to honor your need for solitude. This is a time of honoring your needs. To move forward into the new energies it is time to honor all aspects of yourself.


I am gentle with myself as the seeds of my dreams begin to emerge. I trust that the divine has my back at every turn and I allow myself to receive that which I am ready to receive.

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