Open Your Hands To Receive

Energy of Image

She sits in quiet contemplation, open to the wisdom and guidance of the universe. After a lifetime of blocking so much of what has wanted to come to her, she opens her hands, her mind, her heart, her spirit to receive the blessings of the divine. She is ready to let go of all that she thought she was to welcome and receive all that she is.

Card Message

Many of us have become so accustomed to giving; to our partners, to our children, to our families, to our friends, to our jobs, that we have forgotten how to receive for ourselves. Our identities have become caught up in how we can serve and help others and the world, but sometimes at the expense of listening to and taking care of who we are and what we most need to thrive and move forward in our lives. To give, we must also know how to receive, to invoke the divine law of balance. We can best help others by being in a healthy state of mind, body and spirit. When we give from this full state of being, rather than from a depleted state, we are not only giving, we are teaching and giving permission for other people to do the same. Imagine a world where nobody felt depleted and everyone could give from a full and overflowing cup of well-being?

What can you do this week to take better care of yourself? What can you allow yourself to receive that you have been resisting? Is it sleep, exercise, better food, a massage, quiet time, a step toward something your heart longs for? Go within and ask, “What do I most need to receive for myself today, this week?” Know that the answer you receive has the ability to change you deeply from within, and in turn, to have a positive impact on everyone and everything in your life.

Spiritual Practice: Breathe, Receive, Love What Is

Take in three deep, full breaths. Receive them. Fill your entire being with this sacred breath. Intend that this breath is revitalizing every cell and organ in your entire body. Notice how your body feels as you take in this breath. Where does the breath stop? What spaces does it easily fill? Go back to one of the places in your body where the breath stopped. Breathe deeply into this part of your body. Allow yourself to receive the healing energy of the breath in this part of the body. Give this part of your body a message it has always wanted to hear like, “you’re perfect just as you are” or “I see you, I feel you, I honor you.” Whatever comes to mind is the message to share, but it must feel good and be stated in the positive. You may feel deep emotion with this. You may not. Whatever you experience, honor that.

This exercise of giving to ourselves that which we have always wanted to hear is deeply powerful and healing. The acceptance we most seek is the love and acceptance from ourselves. Give this gift to yourself today and open your heart to receive it.

An Experience of Receiving

This is not the easiest oracle card for me to write about. I was raised as a doer. The more I would do, the better I would feel. The more goals I would set and achieve, the more worthy I felt. While this constant doing fed the needs of my ego, it completely depleted the needs of my soul and spirit. If I wasn’t “doing” then what was I doing? Who was I without a goal to achieve or a person to be please? Doing equaled being enough. Doing equaled contribution. Doing equaled a sense of identity.

There was one point in my life that poignantly stands out as one of my first true acts of receiving. I had just completed a year and a half of my doctoral program. I had another year and a half to go plus a dissertation to write before I was complete. I had hit a wall. A BIG WALL. I had a complete and utter breakdown. Here I was, achieving a monstrosity of a goal and yet, I did not feel happier inside. I did not feel more lovable, or worthy or strong. I was deeply sad because one more achievement was not bringing me this great satisfaction that I thought I would finally feel after all of this doing. I had trained for this. A lifetime of doing to train for the moment when I would arrive at my big accomplishment and finally feel happy and fulfilled with who I was and my life. IT WAS NOT HAPPENING.

And so, for perhaps one of the first times ever in my life I stopped. I went inside and asked myself, “If there was anything I could be doing right now, what would it be? What is it that would make me happy? What would make feel alive inside?” And with an almost immediate response from my soul, I heard “travel.” And again, for one of the first times in my life, I listened. I could feel my whole being come alive with the thought of honoring this deep part of myself. Travel.

I made the decision that I would complete my next semester of classes and after that I would take at least a semester and perhaps up to a year off to travel. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen, but I knew it would. I just knew it. And you know what? It did. In miraculous and divinely guided synchronistic brilliance, it happened. I had set the intention and then allowed the universe to guide me in fulfilling this dream.

Art Exercise for Receiving

Grab a piece of paper and pen and find a quiet place to sit and be for a few minutes. Take in a few deep, soul cleansing breaths. Ask the universe what it is that wishes to come to you that you have not been willing to receive. Breathe into that. Allow yourself to draw whatever comes. Note if there are any words that come into your awareness.

Art Exercise Insights

I am always amazed about what comes forward when I do these exercises! My drawing took me about 30 seconds to complete and I resisted doing it! What came were these flowers that had roots, but then shot off into the sky with such purpose. It felt like there was no holding them back. The words I heard were, “Trust the universe to take you where it wants you to go.” It brings me to tears.


I let go of all attachments to who I think I am so that I may receive all of WHO I AM.

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