The oracle card for this week is PERSISTENCE.

Energy of Image

Under the heat of the blazing sun, traversing difficult terrain, camel steadily and persistently trods on. He knows where he is going and gives himself the necessary time to get there. He knows there may be obstacles along the way, but he is prepared and knows he has the strength and inner resources to make the journey.

Card Message

Life is asking you to be persistent in moving toward something you want in your life. You have all the tools you need at your disposal, but it takes a commitment and level of determination to get to where you are going next. What precious cargo are you carrying? What gifts/skills/tools to you have that are asking to be utilized in some important way in the world? Camel is here to help lead the way. Do not give up. You will reach your goal if you pace yourself and continue to consistently work toward that which you desire.

Spiritual Practice

What goal is it that you are seeking to achieve? Do you have a well laid out plan? How are you structuring your days and time to achieve that which you most desire? One suggested approach for organizing your days is to follow Dan Sullivan’s Entrepreneurial Time System. In this system you create a schedule that incorporates free days, buffer days and focus days. Here is a great article by Jack Canfield that goes into greater detail about this fantastic approach to scheduling your days.

My Camel’s Journey

I again drew the perfect card for what is corresponding in my life. I have been inching toward some of my business goals for quite some time, but have been questioning what things to pursue and what to put aside. On days when my inner critic is looming large I even question if I’m on the right path. But when I’m in a place of clarity, calm and confidence, I know I’m exactly where I need to be and it’s my thinking that needs adjusting, as well as a revised daily schedule (see above!)

When I find myself thinking I will never arrive at my goals, I tell myself there’s no hurry. One foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward and everything I need to know will present itself as I go. When my mind is is this state, I am amazed at what transpires. I accomplish so much more when I’m being kind to myself and I have so much more fun doing what I do!

As for a new and revised schedule, that is going into effect after my kids spring break. I plan to have 1-2 focus days, 2-3 buffer days and 2 free days. I can already feel some of my stress being alleviated when I think about implementing this. I can’t wait!


With persistence and steadiness, I move toward my dreams. I carry the gifts I was given within me and know that with time and patience these gifts will allow me to contribute to the world in

ways large and small.

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