Energy of Image

The white raven rises above the layers she has constructed about what defines her. She expands her wings and expands into the fullness of her being. She releases all that no longer serves her and becomes one with her inner light and divine radiance.

Card Message

There are lifetimes of patterning and conditioning that have built a wall between who you think you are and who you REALLY are. It’s time to rise above all that has limited and defined you. You are not your fears, your habits, your judgements. You are not your family, your political party, your friends. You are a unique and amazing being who has come to Earth in this lifetime with a specific purpose. There is a destiny only YOU can fulfill. Lean into that which brings you joy, lightness of being, and passion. Embrace that which fills your heart with love, compassion and purpose. Release that which feels heavy, dense, or constricting. Allow your being to rise above any idea you have had of yourself that is anything less than magnificent.

Spiritual Practice

Close your eyes. Envision yourself as a bird rising up further and further from the earth. With each flap of your wings, your being becomes lighter and lighter and lighter. You can feel layers of old programming and density falling off of you like water. You reach a point where you can feel that there is nothing left except pure love and utter joy. Allow yourself to sit in this feeling state for as long as you feel guided to do so. Give thanks. This is your true nature.

Learning to Release

This past week I had some inner conflict between what I thought I “should” be doing and what my spirit really wanted. At one point during the week I was flying high, full of radiant energy and well being. I could feel my positivity and joy having an impact on each person with whom I came in contact, but most importantly, I felt like gold. Life felt easy, effortless, guided. I was smiling, laughing, on fire! That “high” lasted until my ego entered the picture. She had other ideas about how to move forward in my life and it certainly wasn’t about living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. There was a to do list to check off and things to accomplish. It was about working harder and more efficiently, taking charge and trusting no one but myself to accomplish what needed to get done. My tower of joy crumbled. I felt my anxiety rise. My sense of ease was gone. My mind and ego had taken over. Ugh.

And then I was reminded through multiple sources that I am not here to do it alone. I am in partnership with the divine and I need to get out of my own way to let Spirit work through me. There is not a single decision that I need to make. I will be led if I only trust and allow. This doesn’t mean I don’t “do” anything. Rather it means that my actions are divinely guided and in flow. Instead of planning my day, I allow it to unfold. For me this means listening to the whispers, the soft nudges and the gentle pulls. Spirit doesn’t come in screaming like my ego does. She comes beckoning me to lean into what feels good, what lights me up from the inside and that expands my heart and being in inexplicable ways.


I release the need to do it all on my own. I allow the universe to guide me in loving and expansive ways.

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