True Love

Energy of Image

Each with a distinct beauty, joy and rhythm of their own, these graceful hummingbirds find one another in the beauty of Gaia’s garden. They express their love through movement, song and visual imagery.

Card Message

“A partner who supports your dreams and your healing is a priceless gem, a heaven in human form.”--Yung Pueblo

We have been given this idea of what perfect love should look like, act like, be like, but I have yet to meet anyone that is in a relationship resembling this. Love is a meandering path, never straight, full of twists and turns, but always leading us toward a greater understanding of ourselves and the world. True love looks different for everyone. For me, this love has taken the form of someone who has given me the space and grace to grow into myself. We may not always be on the same wavelength, but he supports the frequency I am holding. He has given me permission and encouragement to follow the stirrings and curiosities in my heart and spirit. He sees me when I am not able to see myself. He walks a very different path than the one I am on, but he is on a parallel path that touches mine ever so lightly at the edges; close enough that he can still reach over and grab my hand. We walk side by side in this lifetime, growing in our own unique ways and traversing life’s highs and lows together. Our love is not perfect, but it is ours, and it is true. What does true love look like for you?

Spiritual Practice: Love Yourself First

Place both hands on your heart. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out. Feel the cadence of your breath. Say aloud the things you love about yourself. Only focus on the things you love. If you have trouble thinking of something you love, think of something you like. Feel into the words you are saying. How does your heart respond?

The Windy Path of Love

Knowing I was going to be posting this card I’ve been having a lot of thought about true love and what it is. My idea of this has changed so much since the idyllic thoughts I held in my youth of the perfect romance, non-stop crazy passion, unwavering certainty and perfect presence. My idea of love has grown as I grow. I used to define so much of myself through my relationship with another; desiring unrealistic constant connection and the idea of “we” being greater than “me”. Over time, I have learned to cherish the time I have away from my partner, to know that we each have a unique path to tread, and that we are each fully complete beings on our own. Partnership has become the opportunity to support one another in becoming our fullest selves. By offering a listening ear, an encouraging word and sometimes a frustrated remark, we push each other to be better, stronger, deeper.


I love and accept the full scope of who I am. As I lean into this love of self, I attract love that mirrors this self acceptance and opens me further to the growth for which my heart was meant.

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