A home or business clearing can clear stagnant or dense energy from a dwelling and then infuse it with positive and uplifting energy.

People may find space clearings helpful in the following situations:


  • After having long-term visitors (or even short-term) where the energy of the visitors was not a match to yours or your family

  • Moving into a new home, either newly built or with a previous owner to clear out the energy of the people who lived there or worked on the property in any capacity

  • Your space feels stagnant and dense for no apparent reason

  • You are just starting a new business and want to set positive energy and intentions into motion

  • You want to feel a lift in energy for your business or see your business grow and flourish

  • You have a business or personal property that is not selling for any obvious reason


A prayer bundle can be requested after the clearing is complete to infuse the space with your heart felt intentions and desires.

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